The course of COKZ

Mission: Assuring dairy quality

The Netherlands Controlling Authority for Milk and Milk products (COKZ) assures the safety and quality of dairy products produced in the Netherlands. This assurance offers the dairy sector better access to (inter)national markets and the guarantee that all social requirements are complied with. This assurance became especially important in periods when the export of dairy products was threatened by calamities such as the outbreak of foot-and-mouth disease a couple of years ago. For the Dutch authorities this assurance contributes to the protection of the public interest and the reduction of the administrative expenses through the saving of costs of supervision.

COKZ can offer this assurance because it is specialised in the field of dairy and dairy products. COKZ’s independence offers an objective and professional assessment of quality systems and the quality of dairy products in the entire dairy chain, from the raw material until the delivery to the ultimate consumer.

COKZ is a controlling authority, whose foundation was initiated by the dairy sector and the Dutch government, and which works strictly according to recognised international quality standards and assures the reliability of its results.

COKZ’ independence is guaranteed because the members of the Board are appointed in joint consultation by the three branch organisations in the field of the dairy sector (NZO – Dutch Dairy Organisation), LTO – Dutch Organisation for Agriculture and Horticulture) and GEMZU – umbrella organisation of several Dutch Dairy Trade and other affiliated associations). Moreover the board members are not allowed to have any interest in the dairy sector (farm, trade of milk and the preparation and/or trade of milkproducts and dairyproducts). The appointment of the board members needs the approval of the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport. This Minister and the Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality both have to agree with the appointment of the chairman of the board.

The core competence of COKZ is its unequalled knowledge of (inter)national standards and regulations, quality systems and inspection in the dairy sector.

Ambition: Authority in the field of dairy control

To keep fulfilling its mission, COKZ aims at the continuous consolidation of its status as a national and international authority in the field of dairy control. COKZ wants to be the logical partner for the Dutch authorities and the leading dairy companies and the leading supplier in the field of dairy control.

COKZ is specialised in quality assurance in the dairy sector. Over the years COKZ has gained a lot of knowledge in dairy technology and the logistical processes. This knowledge is an integral part of the control and is being developed continuously.
Quality assurance starts with the raw materials. COKZ has good contacts with the organisations that are responsible for examining and certifying the quality of raw materials.

COKZ makes every effort to use the quality assurance systems developed by the food and dairy sectors. In this way quality control can focus on process assessment, thereby taking some of the load off final product control.