COKZ is the Netherlands Controlling Authority for Milk and Milk products.

  • COKZ ensures compliance with process and product quality criteria by means of controls, inspection and its knowledge of dairy legislation.
  • The COKZ is the Dutch authority in the field of the control of dairy, eggs and poultry meat. The control of poultry meat and eggs is performed by a separate service of COKZ, namely the Dutch supervisory authority eggs (NCAE):
  • In this website is exclusively the dairy control further described. For the control of eggs and poultry meat refers to the website of NCAE.
  • COKZ performs these activities for the government.
  • COKZ is an independent private law quality control institute; it neither produces nor markets dairy products.
  • COKZ carries out activities within the framework of national or European legislation under the supervision of the Dutch Government.
  • Services

COKZ carries out the following activities:

  • Supervision of the regulations regarding the Animal Act
  • Supervision of the regulations regarding EU hygiene regulations
  • Supervision of compliance with EU Animal By-Products
  • Issuance of export guarantee certificates
  • Advice on compliance with legislation and regulations
  • Supervision of compliance with farm milk regulations

The total yearly turnover is approximately € 7,100,000 (2016).

COKZ has approximately 50 employees.

The COKZ Board consists of six members. The Chairman is choosen from the Board members, who are appointed for a period of four years. Appointment takes place by co-opting.

The appointment of the Chairman of the Board requires the approval of the Minister of Economic Affairs and the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport. The appointment of the other members requires the agreement of the Ministers of Economic Affairs and Health, Welfare and Sport.

Managing Director
COKZ has a managing director, who doubles as secretary and treasurer of the Board. The managing director is in charge of the institute’s day-to-day affairs.