Export certificates

In the Netherlands the COKZ is authorized to issue health and other certificates for the export of Dutch dairy products. A part of these certificates are being issued on behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

To ensure that reliable information is available for the issue of export certificates, COKZ has determined inspection programmes for a number of product groups such as butter, milk fat, other butter products, milkpowder, whey powder, other powdered milk products, liquid milk products, cheese, soft curd cheese/cream cheese, processed cheese and other cheese products.

Application for certificates
When the production has been carried out under the supervision of COKZ and no deviations of the product have been ascertained, the consignment will receive a certificate, either based on the Agricultural Quality Act or based on the control regulations of COKZ.

Health certificates
A standard health certificate is a declaration on behalf of the Dutch government that the relevant product is fit for human consumption.

Certificates of analysis
Certificates of analysis are issued on the basis of laboratory analyses. The certificates may be necessary in case specific requirements are stipulated by the country of destination.

Veterinary certificates
Veterinary clauses contained in certificates, or specific veterinary certificates, are issued in the Netherlands by the Dutch Food Authority (NVWA).

When these declarations are required for dairy products, the application can be made through COKZ. For the issuance of export certificates for dairy products, COKZ and the NVWA have agreed on certain working agreements in a covenant. To this end every working day a NVWA-veterinarian is present at COKZ.

For more information about the issuance of export or analysis certificates, or how to obtain an application form, contact Export certificates.