Supervision Animal Act

Supervision of compliance with Animal Act
COKZ carries out inspections for both the Dutch and the European authorities, as well as for the dairy industry and supervises compliance with national and European legislation. The inspections concern the various final products and production hygiene.

Animal Act regulations

Farm Milk
COKZ been appointed by the government to carry out supervision and control, among other:

  • the driver and the car that collects the raw milk;
  • the storage of raw milk samples during storage at the factory;
  • the storage and transport of ther raw milk samples to the laboratory;
  • the weigh control;
  • the administrative supervision (review and implementation manual).

Types of cheese
The composition and other characteristics of a number types of cheese, i.e.Gouda, Edam and Commissiekaas are legally defined. COKZ supervises the production of these types of cheese.

Infant formula
COKZ has been charged with the inspection of infant formula for third countries.

European protected indications
COKZ supervises the use of products with a European protection f.e. Boerenkaas (farmhouse cheese), Noordhollandse Goudse kaas and Edammerkaas, Boeren-Leidse met sleutels, Kanterkaas, Gouda Holland, Edam Holland and Hollandse geitenkaas.